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About the Bryn Mawr Hound Show

The first Bryn Mawr Hound Show was held in 1914, making it one of the oldest hound shows in the country.  Currently, the show typically draws 35 to 45 exhibiting packs, showing more than 500 hounds in 6 rings: English Foxhounds, American Foxhounds, Crossbred Foxhounds, Penn-Marydel Foxhounds, Beagles and Bassets. In 2012, we introduced an exciting new Best in Show class, where the Champion Beagle, Basset, and Foxhound compete for this overall title.

The show is held on the grounds of the Radnor Hunt Club, 826 Providence Road, Malvern PA, 19355.  The 2017 Show will be held on Saturday, June 3.

The 2017 Bryn Mawr Hound Show Judges:

English Foxhounds
Lilla Mason, MFH
Iroquois Hunt
Lexington, KY

Penn-Marydel Foxhounds
Larry Pitts, ex-Huntsman
Bedford, VA

Cross-Bred Foxhounds
Mr. George Thomas, ex-MFH
Mrs. Jeannie Thomas, ex-MFH
Aiken, SC

American Foxhounds
Mr. Patrick Anthony Leahy, MFH, MBH
Fox River Valley Hunt
Elizabeth, IL

Foxhound Champion
Andrew Barclay
Upperco, MD

Mr. John P. Ike, III, ex-MFH
Millbrook, NY

Mr. Ian Storer
Radnorshire, UK

Best in Show
Andrew Barclay
Upperco, MD

Junior Handler Classes

The Julian M. Marshall Award

A higlight of each year's show is the presentation of the Julian M. Marshall award.   A living individual is selected for this annual honor based upon his or her lifetime contribution to hunting and hounds.  Mr. Marshall served as President of the Bryn Mawr Hound Show Association from 1983 though 1987, and as Honorary President from 1988 through 1999.  After his death, his family inaugurated the award, which is presented at the show by a Marshall family member. We are pleased to announce that the 2017 recipient is Mrs. Peyton S. “Jeep” Cochran, MBH, Calf Pasture Bassets. Please note that this year the award will be presented at the Friday evening opening dinner.

Past recipients of the award have been:

2001 - John H. Richards, Jr.,  ex-MFH
2002 - George S. Hundt, ex-MFH
2003 - Benjamin H. Hardaway, III, MFH
2004 - Joseph B. Wiley, Jr., MBH
2005 - Nancy Penn Smith Hannum, ex-MFH
2006 - Hank Woolman, ex-MFH
2007 - Russell Clark, Honorary MFH
2008 - Robert H. Crompton, III, MFH
2009 - F. H. (Terry) Griffin, III, MFH
2010 - Nigel Peel, MFH
2011 - John J. (Jake) Carle, ex-MFH
2012 - Sherman P. Haight, ex-MFH
2013 - Betsy Park, MB, MH
2014 - Mr. & Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III, MFHs
2015 - Mandy & Billy Bobbitt, MBs
2016 - Captain Ian W. Farquhar, LVO,MFH


Executive Committee
L.Stockton Illoway, MB, President
Anson W. H. Taylor, III, Show Chairman
Michael G. Tillson, III, MFH, First Vice President
Joseph J. McKenna, Jr., MBH, Second Vice President
Francis B. Jacobs, II, MB, Secretary
Edith Lamb Hollister, Treasurer
Nancy Danks, Entry Secretary
Mrs. Joseph J. McKenna, MBH, Membership Secretary
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Marshall, Entertainment Chair

Kris Bartosiak
Esther B. Gansky, MFH
Betsy M. Harris, MFH
Andrea P. Herr, MFH
David W. Herr
A. Dunham Hollister
Collin F. McNeil, MFH
James F. Scharnberg, MBH

Entertainment Committee
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Marshall, Chair

Mrs. George S. Hundt, Jr.
Ms. Virginia Jackson
Ms. Marcia L. Pontius
Mrs. A. Lee Reeser
Mrs. A. Lee Reeser, Jr.
Mrs. Charlotte Z. Smith
Mrs. Steven Somers

Committee on English Foxhounds
Hugh J. Robards, MFH

Mrs. Linda Jenkins Armbrust, MFH
Suzy A. Reingold, ex-MFH
Robert E. Dougherty, ex-MFH

Committee on American Foxhounds
Mrs. Irvin L. Crawford, II, MFH

John J. Carle, II, ex-MFH
Mrs. Craig Danks
Harold P. Wilmerding, MFH

Committee on Penn-Marydel Foxhounds
Betsy M. Harris, MFH

Nancy L. Dougherty, MFH

James E. Faber, ex-MFH

Committee on Cross-Bred Foxhounds
Benjamin H. Hardaway III, MFH

Henry W. Hooker, MFH
Mason H. Lampton, MFH
J. Y. W. Martin, MFH
Dr. Roger I. Scullin, MFH
C, Martin Wood III, MFH

Committee on Beagles
L. Stockton Illoway, MB

Jessica Anderson, MB
Sherry Buttrick, MB
Elizabeth Park, MB

Committee on Bassets
Ms. Carter Amigh, MBH
Mrs. Peyton S. Cochran, MBH

Elizabeth Park, MBH

James F. Scharnberg, MBH