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Prize List, Entry Forms and Other Information

The Bryn Mawr Hound Show is open to hunting packs registered or recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association (foxhounds), National Beagle Club (beagles or bassets), or packs whose hounds are listed in the Penn-Marydel Foxhounds, Inc. Stud Book (Penn-Marydel foxhounds.) Entry packets for the 2017 show will be mailed to eastern north american hunts in our database in late March, however all hunts meeting the above criteria are most welcome to participate. All information in the packets is available on this website.


For a copy of the letter sent in the prize list packets, please CLICK HERE.

Please read the show conditions and miscellaneous information contained in the prize list before completing your entry. The Penn-Marydel division in particular features some condition changes.

The Bryn Mawr Hound Show is pleased to accept entries by e-mail, fax, or U.S. mail. Our fillable-PDF entry form may be printed as a blank to fill out by hand and mail or fax, or you may fill it in and save it on your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Be sure to save the completed form locally on your computer. You will then be able to print the filled-in form and/or attach it to an e-mail and submit it electronically. If you submit the form electronically, you may pay entry and kennel fees on line by going to our ON-LINE PAYMENTS page, or follow up by mailing a check.

CLICK HERE to open the fillable-PDF entry form. FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS, open the form and save the blank form locally on your computer. Then use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open, fill-in, and then save your filled in form. (Note that if you use the Firefox browser, the PDF may not display correctly using Firefox's native PDF display software. The PDF will display correctly in ADOBE Acrobat Reader. If you need to download a free copy of ADOBE Acrobat Reader, Click Here.)

Please note that our entry form is designed to print on LEGAL paper, mainly to allow sufficient space when filling it out by hand.  Adobe Acrobat Reader defaults are usually set to compress the printout onto letter size paper. If you wish to print on legal paper, load legal size paper, correct your printer setup to legal size and, in ACROBAT, click on "Expand small pages to paper size." 

Use this link to open the Tentative Show Schedule

Use this link to see a list of this year's judges.

Use this link to open a copy of the pre-show Dinner Invitation/Mail-in reservation form

Dinner reservations may be made by mail or on-line. To reserve and pay on-line, CLICK HERE.

Luncheon tickets may be purchased ON-LINE, by mail, or at the pre-show dinner and on the morning of the show.

If you are interested in being a Vendor at the show, or advertising in the show Catalogue, please Click Here.